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Rule Engine

At Sekuritance we know very well that an important part of any financial institution’s anti-fraud platform is the power and flexibility of its rules engine. At the very least it should be capable of applying rules for large amounts of data to provide anti-fraud detection of users’ transaction data and perform the actions specified in the rules by matching rules.

With the rapid development of the Internet finance, fraud of debit cards, credit cards, and online banking has become the focus of monitoring the risk in the financial institution and therefore, improving the rules engine in business and technology, researching and designing a simpler and more efficient rules engine are urgent demands to address the problems.

We strongly believe that the Sekuritance Rule Engine is the answer.
Many organizations bring in third-party products to perform varied AML/Fraud Monitoring/Screening/PEP checks/ sanction checks/risk scores/fraud scores and so many other variables but little realize that there is more to it when trying to consolidate all the above in micro-second decision making.