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Wallet Proof of Ownership

Rule 1: Never expose or divulge your PRIVATE KEYS to anyone or anything especially over the internet of a digital medium. These are for you to know and for you to keep! Yet if you need to prove that a particular wallet is yours and the funds inside it are yours too because you might be requested to do so by auditors, banks, other financial institutions, etc there are more innovative and less intrusive ways to prove that you are in fact the OWNER or the CONTROLLER of a particular blockchain wallet.

This is where the Sekuritance ingenuity comes in coupled with some of the latest technology available out there and provide the individuals as well as the necessary institutions the ability to work in sync to acknowledge and accept the proof of control and ownership certifications being issues and provided.

Our unique Proof-of-ownership/control solution is a way to be sure that you control the external crypto wallet that you use to deposit, withdraw or capitalise on your crypto assets.