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Know Your Transaction

Crypto businesses are our business.

Managing the volume of transactions is a sticking point for many compliance teams. Using the unique Sekuritance Crypto Investigation Suite, we can help to streamline operations and support teams to exceed your goals with no compromise on quality.
When it comes to financials, peace of mind is priceless. Utilised by businesses, banks and law enforcement institutions around the world, Sekuritance applies the same high standards and meticulous analysis across its customer base.

Comply with regulations: Stay on top of local regulations with FATF guidance. Guidelines are constantly being updated and keeping up to date is crucial.
A dedicated customer service team will ensure you are confident in using the Sekuritance suite and configuring it to your needs so you can start making the most of it immediately.

Speak to the pros: Whether you are a new or experienced Sekuritance user, our experts are always available to help you and your team. Building a compliance framework from the ground up? Facing a complex investigation? The Sekuritance team will help you get where you need to be.

Make the best financial decisions

With the exciting growth of cryptocurrency comes the inevitable element of risk. Understanding the blockchain landscape is crucial when it comes to making sound, informed decisions about potential partners and customers. World-class data, used by regulators around the world, is put to work to help customers mitigate risk and expand their opportunities.

Industry profiles to help you make the right call

Know everything there is to know about the biggest and most influential cryptocurrency businesses thanks to our detailed profiles and risk evaluations of major players in the field. Once they are identified, threats must be handled appropriately. Arm your team with everything they need to combat ransomware, account takeovers, and other threats that can harm your customers. Fight back against crime.