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Know Your Business

The mandate in every successful business is to stay one step ahead. One of the best ways of doing that nowadays is by verifying and monitoring your clients’ companies in real-time with our automated Know Your Business (aka KYB) solution improving operational efficiency, whilst achieving AML compliance.

We all know that KYB onboarding can be a frustrating experience for your clients, particularly when it comes to regulated industries as financial institutions, ecommerce operations and more. The challenges are numerous, including the need to perform complex identity verification on directors or beneficial owners and document verification, proof of address and in-person screening calls. The Sekuritance KYB solution automates the verification of international company entities and identity verification of company directors and beneficial owners in-real time for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes.

As the business-to-business (more commonly referred to as B2B) market grows, serving every size of company from solopreneurs to micro merchants to global enterprises, so does the need for due diligence.Most definitely the Sekuritance Automated business verification is the way to go. A digital identity network can handle all the complexities of verifying businesses small and large.

We help verify:

Some of our main functionality includes: