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Get Certified

Get certified through Sekuritance to get the latest tools and techniques in cryptocurrency analysis, investigation, and compliance. Analysts, regulators, investigators, and other cryptocurrency professionals can become certified through our specialist programs.

Learn how to

  • Demonstrate compliance
  • Save a lot of time
  • Lower your costs and improve efficiencies
  • understand the reasoning behind a decentralized currency
  • Investigate Bitcoin and Ethereum Cryptocurrency
  • Unmask hidden wallets
  • analyze transactions
  • Solve real cases
  • and more using our unique crypto investigation tools.
  • understand Bitcoin Forensics
  • Search Dark Web and Hidden Networks using Web Crawler
  • Explain the double-spend problem, 51% attacks, and how to buy and use bitcoin
  • Reference case studies
  • Identify cryptocurrency evidence
  • Explain how the criminal element utilizes cryptocurrency
  • Understand how dark web marketplaces and cryptocurrencies work together
  • know how analytic and forensic tools enable investigators to follow the virtual-money trail

This is a certified training solution for anyone interested in stepping above the blockchain community and understanding the deep analysis required for blockchain analysis. Of course ideal for law enforcement investigators and compliance professionals but not restricted to.

This training is your way to gain a solid, in-depth understanding of how to track, trace, and monitor cryptocurrency transactions and/or crypto crimes.

Our course will be structured as follows

Module 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrency
Module 2: The Bitcoin Trail
Module 3: The Dark Web
Module 4: Cryptocurrency and the Criminal Element
Module 5: Blockchain Forensics
Module 6: Using the Sekuritance Crypto Investigation Suite