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Know your Everything

Sekuritance aims to help governments, banks and businesses understand how customers make use of cryptocurrency through a shared knowledge of blockchain-powered economy.

What we do

Our cutting-edge data collection and analysis tools provide invaluable blockchain data to financial institutions, exchanges, and government entities in countries around the world. Customers use our tools and services to gain an in-depth and updated understanding of blockchains.

Cryptocurrency businesses

Sekuritance is aiming to be a trusted compliance partner to some of the world’s most respected law enforcement, banking, financial and cryptocurrency agencies.

Financial institutions

Take advantage of tools to help you stay in line with regulatory guidance, learn more about your customers, and monitor your exposure.

Government agencies

Stay one step ahead of crime by understanding the mechanics of each transaction, in granular detail. Comprehensive and clever, our transaction monitoring and investigation tools provide our customers with world-class cryptocurrency services.

  • Connect transaction participants across currencies with the Sekuritance investigation tools.
  • Understand how funds are controlled by entering a transaction, address or service name.
  • Generate graphical visualisations to explore transaction data further.
  • Investigate across a growing number of currencies available.

With over 2,000 services identified, our Know Your Everything tool suite is continually adding new services to its database. Services are added every week, including illicit entities and illegal transactions such as scams and darknet markets.

We support both well-known and smaller cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. New tokens and blockchains are added to the collection once they have passed the tight control standards in place to ensure quality. Follow your investigation to completion using our intelligent technology. Make connections between entities, transactions, counter-parties and currencies. Search open source data gathered from thousands of sources, including scam databases, websites, forums and more.

Data you can count on

Accuracy is key, even at scale. Our software stands up to the highest scrutiny, a far cry from the black-box systems that are less reliable. The data collected can be audited to an exacting degree and can serve as evidence in a court of law. The technology has been designed by experienced investigators and highly regarded research scientists, who have teamed up to create a tool that you and the law can trust.

Team up for better results

Data shared is data strengthened. Sekuritance helps to connect law enforcement, banks and businesses around the world by equipping them with updated, reliable data they can use to foster a network of trusted partners.

Know the field

Most crypto activity takes place through services like payment processors, ATMs and exchanges – all highly regulated entities. Sekuritance offers detailed profiles on every type of service and includes elements such as legal jurisdiction, an outline of KYC policies, physical location and supported cryptocurrencies.

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