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Risk Ranking

Here at Sekuritance we know very well that all the financial transactions that your business processes of analyses carry the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, bribery, and human trafficking. Therefore, process transaction monitoring is a legal requirement for businesses under AML obligations. There are many stages of how to conduct transaction monitoring, and one of these is a risk ranking solution.

One of the most important responsibilities of businesses to the organizations they serve is corporate risk management. Utilising a risk ranking solution, you can:

  • Strengthen your business with more control compatibility,
  • Fine-tune your risky customers while scanning your customers and learn more about them
  • make advanced risk assessments based on multiple criteria

The Sekuritance risk ranking solution strengthens AML compliance of businesses in any industry, regardless of size or size. With dynamic rules and scenarios, a sandbox testing environment, real-time alarms, powerful alarm management, and many advanced features, you can make your AML control processes automatic and efficient. Thus, you can protect your business from potential financial crime risks and regulatory penalties. You can contact us for detailed information about our AML Transaction Monitoring tool.

Our risk rating, returned by the Sekuritance API, represents the likelihood that a given transaction is fraudulent. Online businesses use the it to determine whether to accept, reject, or manually review online transactions. It is returned via the API as a percentage, and as such it ranges from 0.01 to 99. For example, a transaction with a rating of 20.00 has a 20% chance of being fraudulent, while a transaction with a rating of 0.10 has a 0.1% chance of being fraudulent.