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Fraud Monitoring

Our Fraud detection solutions are used to detect illegitimate and high-risk transactions made online. These tools continuously monitor user behaviours and calculate risk ratings to identify potentially fraudulent purchases, transactions, or access.

Many think of fraud monitoring tools only in use in FinTech solutions but the reality is that there are many applications for it. These tools are used by e-commerce businesses and digital banking companies IT and compliance departments to constantly monitor for potential fraudulent actions made by their users.

Over the years, the fintech industry has evolved magnificently. There has been an incredible amount of growth the industry has seen over the years with artificial intelligence and machine learning giving rise to an a variety of financial transactions online. As the advancements in the industry grew, the fraudsters in the net also enhanced their strategies in committing frauds and scamming business organizations, hence looting millions and millions from consumers and organisations alike. The most common types of online frauds we see today are phishing or spoofing, identity fraud, account fraud and transaction fraud but the list goes on.

Given the evolution of our unique fraud and fraud prevention tools, our clients and all financial institutions out there as well as any businesses susceptible to e-commerce fraud should carefully review and evaluate their fraud prevention policies and programs to ensure that their businesses and customers are adequately protected. We are here to help you achieve this.