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Zero knowledge

Any organisation that wants to make sure they are truly protecting their private and sensitive data must go for services that use Zero-Knowledge encryption. In essence, as the saying goes: You cannot steal what isn’t there.

Zero-Knowledge encryption means that Sekuritance will know nothing about the data you store on their servers except for the fact that whatever you sent will be stored securely and un-hackable.

At Sekuritance, we believe that security shouldn’t be a matter of trust. Although it is very hard to achieve, Sekuritance leverages Zero-Knowledge protocols to keep your data safe. Unlike other services, our engineers have been able to guarantee that our service is protected by Zero-Knowledge encryption from anywhere you decide to access – even your browser. It is virtually impossible for anyone to have access to your tokenised data.

Zero-Knowledge standards enhance our end-to-end encryption as they ensure that we never have access to our users’ data and encryption keys in a readable format. It is the most secure way to protect your secure data.

By encrypting data using a split-key system, it becomes unreadable on both your server and the Sekuritance Vault server unless both parts of the key are combined using the secure API.
For added security, each time a token is accessed a new encryption key is generated. If any unusual activity is discovered (multiple requests, for example) then the system is locked until verification of authorization is provided, making data harvesting extremely difficult.